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February 2018

Pleased to be assisting this Tamworth based supplier of water based cutting jets. We've assisted in the development of safe working practices for equipment delivery, off load and installation.

January 2018

Pleased to be assisting USA Based Mark Andy Digital Priiting Presses

October 2017

Now working with JLR Solihull designing and implementing their 'ATPM' System

22nd February 2017

Pleased to be assisting this Berkshire based Electronics company transition from AS9100C to AS9100D

9th February 2017

Very pleased to have assisted Besblock Telford obtain Certification to ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015 and OHSAS18001:2008

11th JULY 2016

Pleased to have been appointed to assist Besblock, Telford in their pursuit of Certification to ISO9001 and OHSAS18001.

18th APRIL 2016

Pleased to have been appointed to assist Mark Andy in Macclesfield with their Internal Audit Schedule

12th APRIL 2016

Pleased to have been appointed to assist Scalemaster, Stone with their Internal Audit Schedule, covering ISO9001/ISO14001 and OHSAS18001.

30th MARCH 2016

Pleased to say TOPQ have been selected to deliver a set of Team Leader development courses for a major electronics manufacturer. The course will principally consist of, Team Objectives, KPI's and Policy Deployment. Team communications and Team Boards, Team Working Dynamics, Team Leader key Role and responsibilities, Process controls and Teams, enabling stability and standardisation and Kaizen improvements. 

2nd March 2016

I did the original in 1990, retook it and passed with flying colours!!


5th February 2016

Following a couple of references to how 'old' my Auditor training was (!!!!!) I undertook a re-sit of the International Register of Certificated Auditors, Five Day + Exam training course. Very pleased to say I passed it all with flying colours!! Somewhat annoyed at having to do it though. I originally passed the course (and was IRCA Certified) in 1990 and generally have undertaken at least four audits a month since then. I've always attended any Standards updates, and the philosophy and guidance on auditing hasn't changed that much in 25 years! Maybe a point for auditors to note, if you feel the qualification is 'old', but remains suitable, relevant and there's evidence of continued application and competence, don't make it an issue. Is it necessary to redo a degree because it was orgininally awarded 25 years ago?

28th January 2016

The Lead Auditor Live Audit took place at a local RAF Base

13th January 2016

Pleased to report a 100% uptake with our ISO9001/14001:2015 transition package. Our work in this area so far suggests to us that the revisions are very practical in terms of identifying the Organisations purpose in life, along with its ability to deliver Customer Satisfaction. TOPQ MD Martyn Heath said 'Its been some years since I was excited at the prospect of a ISO Standard revision, but the 2015 ISO9001 if applied correctly, could be a great asset to any company'

9th SEPTEMBER 2015 - 1st ISO9001:2015 CUSTOMER

Very pleased to say we have our first customer signed up to our ISO9001:2015 transition support service. This Tamworth based organisation will be working to the new standard by April 2016. See the ISO9001:2015 link for more details.

15th JUNE 2015

A big welcome to our new Customer, Vehicle Weighing Solutions in Chesterfield. Looking forward to working with them over the coming months. 

20th JUNE 2013


TOP Q have been selected by this Midlands based Automotive Manufacturer to assist with the estbalishment of a new manufacturing facility in South Staffordshire. The assistance will consist of launch, Operational Excellence and Value Stream Mapping Training. TOP Q are naturally very pleased to be assisting with this project and very happy to be back supporting this Organisation.

4th June 2013


Very pleased to say our Client Merlin Entertainments Legoland Site has been recommended for OHSAS18001 Certification, for the provision of Amusement Park facilities. After a rigourous 12 Day audit, the Certification body recommended Certification along with an absence of any Major Non Conformities. Our congratulations to Merlin, all at Legoland, especially Gordon, Cristina and Alan. Well Done!


TOP Q have been selected by a Luton based Industrial Microwave manufacturer to assist them with ISO9001 Certification and compliance with relevant Health, Safety and Environmental compliance.


Fleet based Leading Light Technologies have been Certified to ISO9001. Ably assisted by the TOPQ Service, Leading Light recorded ZERO Non Conformities at both 1st and 2nd Stage Audits. Congratulations to all at Leading Light (L2TEK)


Naturally pleased to announce that TOPQ have been retained for a further twelve months by two of our biggest customers. We will continue to provide practical, sensible and value added services to these two prestigious orgnaisations. Our thanks to both and an assurance of our continued support and best practice.

PEFC Chain of Custody

TOP Q ably assisted their Client to achieve FSC/PEFC Chain of Custody Certification. The Certification is an assurance that the two main types of wood used in our Clients products are from sustainable sources.


TOP Q have been asked to assist one of our customers obtain Certification to FSC/PEFC Chain of Custody Standard. With an emphasis on traceability and origin of timber products, the Chain of Custody process needs to be documented and controlled at each stage.

22nd November 2012


TOP Q have assisted this major Japanese Corporation with their Achilles Vendor Database Audit and Certification. Split into three categories the organisation is audited for both Office and Site activities. The organisation was awarded the following scores:

Health and Safety 93%

Environmental 91%

Quality 94%

These Scores are well above the 80% target set by many utility organisations.

14th November 2012

On the 1st December 2012, TOP Q will celebrate 20 years in business, delivering practical, value for money services. Since those early uncertain days in 1992, TOP Q have established an enviable reputation for our services. We've been selected to provide services to an impressive list of customers:

Ford, Jaguar, C&L, Brush, Applied Weighing, Mitsubishi, Luso Electronics, Kawasaki, Tim Bates, L2TEK, Pilkington Glass, National Grid to name just a few!

Our commitment to provide high quality services has never diminished, with the commitment of 20 years ago still very much alive in the Organisation today. Thank you to all our Customers, past, present and future.

Martyn Heath, Managing Director, 1st November 2012

TOP Q will assist a major entertainments Group

TOP Q have been appointed to assist a major entertainments group achieve formal Certification for their Health and Safety Systems. The group has theme park sites and tourist attractions throughout Europe

London Olympic Pool

Congratulations to our client, Kimlyn Products in Tamworth for supplying the lane seperators for the Olympic 50metre Swimming Pool


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February 2018 - Working on Autonomous Maintenance......I do love some of the acronyms and possible alternative meanings! When in Ford FTPM was meant to be Ford Total Productive Maintenance......but was also known as F**k The Plant Manager!!!. Seriously, some impressive results can be acheived just by introducing basic, simple tasks aimed at spotting problems before they happen and relieving the more competent personnel to spend more time on reliability issues, If I was a brain surgeon I'd feel a bit under utilised sticking on plasters!!!



1.0.        Background

In September 2015, the newly revised ISO9001 Standard for Quality Management Systems, will supersede the 2008 version. The revised standard does contain a number of changes which will need to be addressed. Namely:

i)     The adoption of a ‘Higher Level Structure’ (HLS) as set out in the ISO Directives Part 1. This basically requires more of a strategic look at what the organisation does, and how best to make the most out of its strengths.

ii)    An explicit requirement for risk-based thinking to support and improve the understanding and application of the process approach.

iii)    Fewer prescribed requirements.

iv)    Less emphasis on documents.

v)     Improved applicability for services.

vi)    A requirement to define the boundaries of the QMS.

vii)   Increased emphasis on organizational context.

viii)  Increased leadership requirements.

ix)    Greater emphasis on achieving desired outcomes to improve customer satisfaction.

2.0.        Basic Transition Period

As with all previous revisions to this standard, Certified companies have three years in which to become fully aligned with the new requirements, although I would suggest that as before, Certification Bodies will prefer the transition to be made sooner rather than later!

3.0.        Key Transition Strategy

I believe there are five main actions to be completed:

i)     Identify organizational gaps which need to be addressed to meet new requirements.

ii)    Develop an implementation plan.

iii)    Provide appropriate training and awareness for all parties that have an impact on the effectiveness of the organisation.

iv)    Update the existing quality management system (QMS) to meet the revised requirements and provide verification of effectiveness.

v)     Where applicable, liaise with their Certification Body for transition arrangements.

4.0.        Other Considerations

I believe the reduced emphasis on documentation in the new standard, represents a great opportunity to thin down existing systems, replace ‘wordy’ procedures with more dynamic flow charting and move away from hard copy documents into more intranet/PC based systems.

5.0.        TOP Q Key tasks

Namely to develop:

i)     A relationship diagram identifying stakeholder interests

ii)    To define the context of the organisation

iii)   To carry out Risk Management Analysis of processes and to develop a pro-active, preventive approach, rather than a reactive/corrective approach.

iv)   To develop a set of quantifiable and easily measurable performance indicators

v)    Where possible, to convert text based procedures to flow chart based instructions

vi)   Audit the system and confirm readiness for ISO9001:2015 Certification.

6.0. COSTS

Contact us for a quote 

Latest News: 20th Anniversary